Thanks to funding from the SECU Foundation, Library Services has added a new, current collection of 200 eBooks to the AHEC Digital Library that will be accessible by all ADL members.

These eBooks provide clinical and research support along with evidence-based recommendations to equip providers with what they need to deliver care and successfully navigate changes in healthcare environments. The new resources include:

  • Clinical specialties, including nursing, healthcare management, trauma, and vaccine safety.
  • Health Equity topics such as cultural responsiveness, research equity, health justice, and community engagement.
  • COVID-19 titles related to infection control, epidemiology, public health preparedness, and pandemics.
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    As the health care workforce responds to COVID-19, they face challenges to both coping in the moment and ongoing mental health.

    To support this process, the AHEC Digital Library presents a collection of resources geared towards health care worker mental health during COVID-19.

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    To eliminate the stigma that comes from inaccurate beliefs about HIV, the CDC has designated July 21, 2024 as Zero HIV Stigma Day.

    Their supporting resource, the HIV Nexus, includes materials for clinicians and patients on HIV screening, prevention, and treatment.

    To learn more, check out the ADL's July 15 Highlighted Resources:
    Let’s Stop HIV Together Clinician Resources
    HIV Nexus: CDC Resources for Clinicians

    In the midst of high summer temperatures, healthcare providers should be aware of how extreme heat can impact their patients.

    The CDC's guide on heat and health gives clinicians a starting place to address heat-related topics with patients, including screening tools, guidance on how heat can impact specific health conditions, and advice on how heat interacts with medications.

    To learn more, check out the ADL's July 1 Highlighted Resource:
    Quick Start Guide for Clinicians on Heat and Health

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