Thanks to funding from the SECU Foundation, Library Services has added a new, current collection of 200 eBooks to the AHEC Digital Library that will be accessible by all ADL members.

These eBooks provide clinical and research support along with evidence-based recommendations to equip providers with what they need to deliver care and successfully navigate changes in healthcare environments. The new resources include:

  • Clinical specialties, including nursing, healthcare management, trauma, and vaccine safety.
  • Health Equity topics such as cultural responsiveness, research equity, health justice, and community engagement.
  • COVID-19 titles related to infection control, epidemiology, public health preparedness, and pandemics.
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    As the health care workforce responds to COVID-19, they face challenges to both coping in the moment and ongoing mental health.

    To support this process, the AHEC Digital Library presents a collection of resources geared towards health care worker mental health during COVID-19.

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    The January-February 2022 issue of the NC Medical Journal is the first in a series of journal issues covering North Carolina's health goals.

    The current issue covers social and economic factors of health in North Carolina, as relevant to the Healthy NC 2030 initiative.

    The articles address topics such as the intersection of wealth and health, care for incarcerated pregnant people, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and more.

    To read the issue, check out the January 15 ADL Highlighted Resource:
    North Carolina Medical Journal: Addressing the Social & Economic Factors of Health in North Carolina

    One of the useful tools included in Essential Evidence Plus is the collection of evidence-based calculators.

    The collection includes three types of calculators to assist health care providers in practice: Decision Support Tools, Diagnostic Test Calculators, and History and Physical Exam Calculators.

    NC AHEC provides access to Essential Evidence to all North Carolina health care workers, via the ADL. ADL members can check out the ADL's January 1 Highlighted Resource here:
    Essential Evidence Plus: Calculators
    After you've opened Essential Evidence Plus, use the menu to select "Calculators."

    If you are a North Carolina health care worker and would like to access Essential Evidence Plus, you are welcome to request an ADL account.

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