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Rural emergency departments have faced increasing utilization over the last decade, according to a recent article in JAMA Network Open.

This article analyzes visits in rural and urban areas, concluding that in spite of the US’s average decrease in ED visits, rural regions of the country have become more dependent on EDs as a source of healthcare.

To learn more about this trend, check out this JAMA article.

Greenwood-Ericksen MB, Kocher K. Trends in Emergency Department Use by Rural and Urban Populations in the United States. JAMA Network Open. 2019;2(4):e191919.

A recent report from the National Academy of Sciences tackles the problem of treatments for opioid use disorder.

This report explains both the value of the evidence-based treatments and the barriers people frequently encounter in accessing those treatments.

A news article about the report puts it into the current context of the opioid crisis.

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