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The latest issue of the NC Medical Journal addresses the complex problem of mother and infant health in North Carolina.

The issue brief provides an overview of the current state of perinatal health, as well as explaining where the journal's other articles fit into the framework.

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The State of North Carolina's Perinatal Health
Kimple, K.S. (2020). The state of North Carolina's perinatal health. North Carolina Medical Journal January-February 2020 vol. 81 no. 1 24-27.

View the full January-February 2020 issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal here.

In celebration of the WHO declaring 2020 the Year of the Nurse, this month's highlighted article showcases nurse and blogger Danielle LeVeck addressing new members of the profession.

LeVeck's letter welcomes new nurses welcomes to the profession, highlighting both the challenges and the rewards of a nurse's role and offering advice for the future.

A recent FierceHealthcare article named LeVeck one of the 2020 social media influencers in healthcare, citing this post as one of her best.

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LeVeck, D. (2017, August 22). To a new nurse - you'll be okay. Nurse Abnormalities.
Renfrow, J. (2019, November 19). Danielle LeVeck: nursing storyteller. Fierce Healthcare.