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What do the people who work in North Carolina's local health departments look like?

This recent report from UNC's Gillings School of Public Health, in partnership with NC AHEC, addresses that question, sharing the results from their survey of the NC public health workforce.

The report describes the demographics, skills, and training needs of people currently working in public health in NC, as well as identifying possible next steps for the future.

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Gillings School of Global Public Health. (July 2019). Driving the future: assessment of the North Carolina local public health workforce. University of North Carolina.

How can the healthcare profession return to the roots of why people chose to practice medicine?

In a recent talk, Health Director Anna Roth proposes a moral recovery that would allow the profession to reform its belief systems.

The three pivots described in the video and accompanying article ask people to listen, question beliefs, and trust people.

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Roth, A. (2019). Returning to the meaning of medicine: three pivots. NEJM Catalyst.

As large drug companies begin to make settlement payments in relation to the opioid crisis, how should that money be spent?

A recent NC Health News article discusses questions occurring in states that have been awarded settlements, such as how much money should be required to go towards opioid-related efforts.

By comparing the current opioid crisis to past settlements from tobacco companies regarding smoking, the article highlights the problems governments may face when spending this money.

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Vestal, C. (2019, August 19). Opioid settlements spark debate on how to spend the money. North Carolina Health News.