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A recent article from the JAMA Forum highlights the way transportation challenges and mobility barriers affect healthcare.

The article describes the different approaches being taken to reduce these problems at the federal, state, and community levels.

To learn more, check out this JAMA article:

Koh, H.K. & Rosenberg, J.T. (2019, February 21). JAMA forum: coordinating community planning for transportation and health. The JAMA Forum.

Several new articles in JAMA Internal Medicine examine the impact that physicians’ prescribing habits can have on the opioid crisis.

The first study looks at prescribing patterns across the demographic groups most affected by the opioid crisis, while the second study examines recent changes in opioid prescribing since 2015.

Both articles are highlighted in the a JAMA Internal Medicine commentary that describes how the data is connected in the opioid landscape.

To learn more, check out the March Opioid Article of the Month!

Adams, J. M., & Giroir, B. P. Opioid Prescribing Trends and the Physician’s Role in Responding to the Public Health Crisis. JAMA Internal Medicine.

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