Thanks to funding from the SECU Foundation, Library Services has added a new, current collection of 200 eBooks to the AHEC Digital Library that will be accessible by all ADL members.

These eBooks provide clinical and research support along with evidence-based recommendations to equip providers with what they need to deliver care and successfully navigate changes in healthcare environments. The new resources include:

  • Clinical specialties, including nursing, healthcare management, trauma, and vaccine safety.
  • Health Equity topics such as cultural responsiveness, research equity, health justice, and community engagement.
  • COVID-19 titles related to infection control, epidemiology, public health preparedness, and pandemics.
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    As the health care workforce responds to COVID-19, they face challenges to both coping in the moment and ongoing mental health.

    To support this process, the AHEC Digital Library presents a collection of resources geared towards health care worker mental health during COVID-19.

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    North Carolina is home to one of the US's largest military service populations, and many of these military families receive health care from civilian providers.

    A recent article in the NC Medical Journal discusses the challenges that health care providers can face when treating military-connected patients, along with suggested approaches and resources to help providers meet their needs.

    To learn more, check out the ADL's December 1 Highlighted Resource:
    Delivering Culturally Sensitive Care for Military-connected Patients in Community Settings

    For more on military health issues in NC, check out the NC Medical Journal's Nov-Dec Issue:
    Armed Services and Veteran Family Health in North Carolina

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